Nicolas Jaar – Essential Mix (BBC/Soundcloud)

My friends,

If you didn’t listen to this remix yet, you should definitely check out the link below and download.

I just love the diverse music selection. 2 hours of pure pleasure.

The remix includes one of my favorite Nicolas Jaar tracks “Avalanche”.

Wave Machines & International Radio Stations

Hey Folks,

it’s been a while since my last post. So, as an excuse, I want to show you one of my new favorite tracks by the British alternative rock band Wave Machines. It’s their first single from the album Pollen, which will be released in January ’13. Enjoy!

I found this track on Radio Nova from Paris, a lovely radio station which plays the newest tracks and where I find a lot of inspiration from. CHECK: Webradio

Therefore my question: Can you recommend any international web radio stations with great music? THANKS! 🙂