La//kvlkd @ Le Baron, Paris

Monday Night is concert night at Le Baron. Some new artist present themselves in a small, one-hour concert with a following after-party. And all this for free.

La//kvlkd @ Le Baron

Yesterday, La//kvlkd had a small gig, and I quite enjoyed their performance. The band is French, but they sing in English. Their songs are somehow very relaxing, but go straight into your head.

Check it out yourself šŸ™‚

P.S. If somebody knows how to pronounce their name, please let me know!


Tonight in Paris…. LĀ“International

IĀ“ll be heading to the area around Oberkampf tonight, to a place called LĀ“InternationalĀ Ā (5/7 Rue MoretĀ Ā 75011 Paris Metro: MĆ©nilmontantā€Ž).

Every night they present 3 or 4 Bands from different genres of music: electro, rock, pop, new wave, reggae etc… and all this for free! A very mixed and laid-back crowed promises a very relaxed friday night.

Amongst others playing tonight: Nameless, a Parisian Pop-Rock band, with a promising Single called Angelina.

Check it out here:

Have a great weekend!