Special Edition: Ben L’Oncle Soul – French Soul Music

If you haven’t heard of Ben L’Oncle Soul yet, you will probably soon. This young man from France has been nominated for a MTV Europe Music Award for “Best French Artist” and, in my opinion, deserves it!


His ultra sensual voice is famous for some cover versions, but you shouldn’t miss out on his own French songs. Therefore: Enjoy this special collection of Ben L’Oncle Soul songs….!

Ben l’oncle Soul – Petite soeur

Ben l’oncle Soul – SOUL MAN // Session acoustique

Ben l’oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army (Cover)

Ben l’Oncle Soul – Otherside (Cover)

Ben l’Oncle Soul – Roxanne (Cover)

Kidult – street art or vandalism?

Lately, the Christian Louboutain shop in Paris was being attacked by Kidult. The same kind of attack already hit fashion brand Céline in October 2011.

Kidult Christian Louboutin

Picture via streetart.net

Kidult Céine Paris

Picture via allcityblog.fr

In my eyes this form of “street art” is pure vandalism… What do you think? And which luxury brand will be the next?


Sunday Tunes…

My most played songs du jour…Enjoy!

Jewrhythmics – Hava Nagila -> I can’t find the song on youtube, but short preview available on http://www.jewrhythmics.com/, full version on iTunes

P.S. Im shocked to see (and hear) that Gotye´s Somebody that I used to know followed me from Berlin to Paris…. Please make it stop!